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About Us

The Local Vine promotes wine shops and retailers who affirm a sense of community though their love of wine, and enjoy sharing their knowledge of the process – from the vine to your glass.

With a shared vision of community development, a connection to nature and the farmers, and a desire to be leaders of hospitality, The Local Vine partners and promotes establishments who are responsible for creating a sense of place to their community.

We are a small team of wine lovers.

Three individuals who dearly miss exploring community and conversation, miss nights of falling in love and passionate arguments, miss appreciating where we live because of the immaculate service that turn into friendships  – by means of wine. The Local Vine is our effort to support and locate those individuals, families and makers to stay connected in exploration.  

Our hope is that The Local Vine will help you explore and connect with your local wine icons, staying educated, exploring and bettering your sense of awareness to your community, and your pallet. 


Stephanie, Samantha & Josh,  Co-Founders

Let us know what you think.

Your feedback and comments mean a lot to us.

Thank you for supporting your community wine shops.

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