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Your customers receive automatic order update emails and text messages, so they’re always up to date.

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Our goal with social and email marketing is to drive traffic to your shop and wine listings to grow your audience and increase sales.

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When you sell an item, we retain 15% of the list price.
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Can I sell on The Local Vine?

We work with wine producers, wine shops, and restaurants that are licensed to sell liquor for off-premises consumption. We require you to provide both your license and proof of liquor liability insurance during the sign up process.

Additionally, we work exclusively with small & mid-sized wine businesses that strengthen local economies. 

What can I sell on The Local Vine?

Currently,  The Local Vine is a marketplace solely for wine and wine accessories. We do not facilitate the sales of beer, cider, or food products.

Are you a distributor?

No, each of our producer and retail partners work with distributers to sell or source their wine outside of The Local Vine.

How do fees work?

Joining and creating a shop on The Local Vine is free. There are no listing, payment processing, advertising, or subscription fees. Wine listings never expire, so there are no re-listing fees either. 

How do I get paid?

We’ve partnered with Stripe to easily and securely deposit funds from your sales directly into your bank account twice monthly. 

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