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Enoteca Stella

It is easy to forget the artistry behind anything. We listen to music in the background, choose wine based on popularity or ratings and drive by historic buildings and public art without so much as a glance out the window. Our lives are like that—focused and too often blinded to the beauty and talent that surrounds us. Sometimes it has to be enough just to have those things around us and to know that the people behind them are there in spirit; and if you know them, they reach out and touch your heart. Wine can be an expression of time, place and people—a zeitgeist of sorts in liquid form—nature, science and art commingled at the hands of the skilled and passionate to an inevitable end in the glasses of people they will never meet. A spirit of the times indeed!
1200 W. 11th Street, Traverse City, Michigan United States (US) – 49684

Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policy

You may cancel your order any time prior to fulfillment confirmation by emailing We accept returns of corked wine for which you will receive a replacement bottle of the same or one of comparable style and value.











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